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Mr. Chang Chin-tang was born twelve years before the start of the Republican Era(1899). Not only was he an only child, but his father also passed away early on, so his life was quite harsh. During his adolescence, he took up the position of an apprentice in a factory. As he never received a formal education, everything he had learnt was self-taught.

While serving as an apprentice, Mr. Chang frugally saved every cent in order to purchase machinery. In 1918. Mr. Chang established the Yuan Sheng Loo machinery, which manufactured machines and heating equipment.

In 1948, during a time of political turmoil, Mr. Chang moved Yuan Sheng Loo to Taichung, Taiwan. Later in 1950-1951, he moved the factory to Zhudong, then began specializing in ball bearings and steel balls.

Yuan Sheng Loo was formally established as a corporation in 1968. The following year, the Hsinfong factory was built, eventually becoming the largest manufacturer of ball bearings. Yuan Sheng Loo is continuously progressing with research and development.

Mr. Chang gloriously retired in 1980 with the history of Yuan Sheng Loo as the best portrait of his life. His contributions to the Taiwanese industrial sector and entrepreneurial spirit is a model to future generations.