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Yuan Sheng Loo, established in 1968, is one of the largest producers of steel balls in Asia and No. 1 in Taiwan, manufacturing a variety of standard grades ranging from AFBMA 20 to 2000 and sizes from 1/16" to 5/8" with Carbon, Chrome, and Stainless Steel Ball.

With a certificate of ISO 9002 SGS and expanded capacity, we are confident in assured quality, delivery and competitive prices to serve your needs. We believe that we are the best provider for your needs.
Carbon Steel Balls Light bearings, Conveyor belts, Bicycle and motorcycle parts, Drawer slides, Linear slide furniture casters, Computer peripherals, Toys, Vibration grinding, Screw gear fittings . . . . .
Chrome steel ball Rolling bearing, Antifriction bearing, Ball bearing, Linear movement, Automobile industry, Ballpoint pen ,Precision bearings, Linear guides, Vibration grinding, Paint, Ink, Powder, Grinding, Chemical and Food processing
Stainless steel ball valves, Rolling bearing, Antifriction bearing, Linear movement , Pump spray , Check valve , automobile industry ,bearings Toy Parts Computer Parts automated conveyor chemical industry, household cleaning products, cosmetics, pet supplies computer peripheral equipment and pharmaceutical products